gault et millau Le Grand Café, Restaurant in Gémenos near Aubagne · Mathias DandineCollège Culinaire de France Le Grand Café, Restaurant in Gémenos near Aubagne · Mathias Dandine

Le Grand Café Restaurant
in Gémenos near Aubagne

Creative and generous cuisine

Throughout your stay at La Magdeleine, Le Grand Café is the perfect venue in which to enjoy a delicious dining experience, no matter what time of day it is.

With its informal and friendly atmosphere, Le Grand Café consists of two different spaces for summer and winter, each of which serves simple, delicious and generous dishes.

Le Grand Café is also open to those who are not staying at the hotel. Conveniently located, whether you live in Gémenos or Marseille, treat yourself to a gourmet meal here.

In summer - A rôtisserie in the shade of the plane trees

Once the warmer weather arrives, Le Grand Café moves outdoors into the shade of centuries-old plane trees, right next to the swimming pool.

It has the feel of a village square in Provence, with people coming and going throughout the day, meeting up with a view of the water, spending time together and enjoying a freshly prepared meal.

Whatever time of day it is, whether or not you’re staying at the hotel, take a seat at a traditional forged iron table or a more contemporary loom chair for a truly delightful experience. 

This summer restaurant serves beautifully slow-roasted meats – La Magdeleine’s rôtisserie is close by – along with perfectly grilled, flavourful fish, raw and cooked Mediterranean vegetables and colourful fruit. 

Open: from May to October.

In winter - Delicious dishes

In winter, the Grand Café welcomes you in a room with large French windows overlooking the park, with wooden floors, exposed beams and period fireplaces.

It's time to cocoon around a cuisine composed of traditional dishes. The golden color of the seasonal vegetable gratins rivals the smokiness of dishes simmered for a long time in a casserole or the delicacy of homemade terrines, naturally. For lunch or dinner, friendly dishes to make you want to take part in a resolute moment.

Open: from November to April.